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Should I speak of the theatre without speaking of granny? That actually is an impossible mission because granny gave birth to my passion and love for theatre. My mum groomed us with the love for movies but granny did the greatest; she told me of theatre, probably that was the only outing available in her own time, no digital cinema, only the stage where actors and actresses gather to perform and the audience have the fun. Though my own knowledge of theatre as told by granny has really changed because technology has been brought in which was not availble in granny’s time.



I almost veered into the ecstasy of grandma and her way of talking, her smile as she narrates various story acted in theatres, actually I wanna write of my outing and most importantly, the war for what to wear to theatre the day I went with ny first crush. Did I just say crush? Yes, I did. Nanshi was her name, I met her in a football field when I visited my friend; paul. It is kinda weird to see a woman at the football pitch, but I met nanshi anyways; she is the definition of beauty and a top-notch of comeliness.


I and nanshi became friends and closeness was what drew us more closer, so we made a perfect friend, on a beautiful sunset we agreed on visiting the nearby colorful theatre and we did but the war of what to wear was more than the first world war; funny right?


Let us go in similar dressing of black and white with red jacket; nanshi said, but to me this looks too official and like a couple kind of dressing, I was been careful because I have not announced nanshi as my girlfriend, though she wanted that. We argued for a long  time and tried many clothes which I won’t talk about  because the war for what to wear made us to talk more and enjoy the evening before going to see the stage performance, these actually made it a paradise indeed, we finally wore the black and white, I didn’t add my red jacket but nanshi did. Funny enough she slept-off on my shoulder in the theatre and she decorated my white shirt with her red lipsticks. This made me to know that white top is good for theatre, it helps to keep memories that nanshi slept of on our first outing; what a time out with my now-official girlfriend.