How Large Carpets Get Cleaned

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The theatre has carpeting that is best described as “large.” It takes up a lot of space, and keeping it pristine is crucial. We like to keep it nice enough to help people feel relaxed but subtle enough that it gets out of the way when a performance is happening.


If the carpet gets a stain, that’s a problem. A theatre has to look clean. Otherwise, it gets a reputation that it does not want.


Of course, with all the carpeting that we have in every publicly-accessible corner of the theatre, making sure it’s all clean can be a challenge. It’s also enough that we can’t hire a professional crew to sweep over it for every little stain.


Mind you; we can afford to call a professional carpet cleaning Perth WA regularly for the tougher stains. However, the internal crew prefer to handle any smaller stains on their own. It’s a good thing we’ve learned a thing or two about how to clean a big carpet along the way.


The first lesson you learn about cleaning a large carpet is to call a professional.


That sounds like a joke, but it isn’t. The bigger a carpet is, the longer it takes to clean. If you can’t spare the people and the time needed, you’re better off calling pros. The only real hitch is the cost. We call professionals to handle regular maintenance or for severe cases.


Another thing to remember is that a rug is not a carpet. This surprises a lot of people!


Carpets are wall to wall things, and you need a professional to install or remove them. On the other hand, a rug is designed to cover only a small portion or area. They’re easier to remove, and you don’t need a professional for the job.


Admittedly, the two tend to use the same fibres and materials. The issue is that a rug can be removed and replaced quickly, which is a feature that makes cleaning a little different.


When it comes to the actual cleaning, keep in mind that you want to blot, not rub.


Rubbing spreads the stain, especially if it’s fresh or the stain source is still there. Blotting may take longer, but it absorbs the problem bits without spreading them. It also works best to move from the outside and move inward. Most people make the mistake of going outward from the centre.


If you see any wine or beer stains, break out the club soda.


Mix it with one part vinegar and one part water for each part of soda. Spread the solution on the area and let it soak. After that, press a clean sponge on the area so it can soak up the solution and the stain at the same time.


Any trick of yours that works on carpets can work on a large one. You just need to adjust terms of scale and size. Though most of the time, this isn’t that big an issue. Most stains are contained and aren’t going to spread to a large area unless there’s something drastically wrong.