My first experience at the theatre

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It was November 25th, 2016; and I’ve never been to a movie house before. The closest I have ever was was just the afar-off-stare at the movie house from miles away. I was never raised up to see movie neither, but as I grew up into the lady that I am today, I fostered the love for movies.

The big screen thingy was still a dream yet to come through before this day. My hopes were high, and by the height, I could barely find a word for how high into the skies it was.

No one could take away this experience from me. It is forever preserved like a plate of pudding is in the refrigerator, in my heart.

I was informed of a purchased ticket two weeks before, and I lived every night fantasizing about the whole experience – I was getting out of my mind. A random guy would have seen me as a psychopath but my acquaintance; my brother & his fiancée didn’t. I was not the only one having such feeling around. They were, too. That was the only reason he bought tickets weeks before so that even if seats were supposed to be no more, it would not be for us who came booking tickets weeks back.

We had many other places to spend time together in the city for the celebration of my brother’s Silver Jubilee, but we gladly chose the mall & the theatre seeing we all have never been there.

Earlier that morning, my dress was stained mistakenly while pressing them. I wasn’t even an inch bothered. “I have many,” I inadvertently said. Quickly, I plucked out another set from my cloth rack. It was the D-day, and I couldn’t afford to miss out.

Finally, when we got there, it was all a reality waiting patiently to be lived just before my very eyes by my flesh & blood. Oh, I forgot to mention, the drive to the theatre! There was nothing peculiar about it; hence, I skipped it.

I got inside, and alas! It was a modern theatre. We put on a spectacle-like shade, and in there, we experience a whole new life out there ever since that we never knew about. The images were more like 4D – They were so real. I was delighted. I couldn’t have asked for more. It was a lovely experience.