Attending the Theatre in Style

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There’s something about the theatre that makes us all want to dress up. Maybe it’s the idea that it’s a more sophisticated place than a movie, or maybe because we expect everyone else to do the same. Whatever the cause, we all want to show up and dress up in style.


At some point in its history, the theatre became a place where formality, elegance, and style became the norm. People don’t show up to productions of, say, Macbeth in their jeans and t-shirts. While it may have been meant for ordinary peasants before, these days it’s associated with the culturally refined.


Showing up in style is a good idea. Limo hire Perth is one way to get this done.


A theatre is a formal place, and that usually means it’s not an everyday occurrence. You’re probably only going to be there once in a while, and that makes it a special occasion. Unless you’re an uncultured brute, who has no appreciation for theatre, in which case it’s more like a chore for you.


Few things say style and class better than a limo. Rolling up in one to the theatre can give the right feeling, especially if there are people you’re trying to impress.


Of course, getting there is just one part of the experience. You also need to have attire that fits. The right attire can flatter your looks, impress a crowd, and make the event feel perfect. What you wear and how formal it is, though, will vary.


For example, an opening night or special event would need a full formal choice of wardrobe. Nothing too gaudy or extravagant. In fact, you’ll probably stick to black, white, or other neutral colours.


If the event is black tie or white tie, formal dress is mandatory.


In a more relaxed setting, or if the degree of formality isn’t specified, you need to choose attire based on the setting. Consider what you’d wear out for a professional evening or at some upscale restaurant. For more formal settings, think funeral, wedding, or charity dinner. That’s a good baseline.


Women can get away with a pantsuit or a tasteful cocktail dress. A mid-length skirt works too. For men, a well-fitting suit in either neutral or dark tones is best. Pressed slacks are also acceptable in modern times.


Accessorize for formal events, too. You’ll want necklaces, bracelets, watches, and some jewellery. These should be small, rather than gaudy. If it draws attention to itself, it’s too much, and you need to go with something else.


Your shoes should be closed-toe and have suitable dress socks, even in the heat of summer. A purge or handbag should be small, as larger ones might take up more aisle space than is advisable.


Check the style guide for what your hair should be like. Yes, there are standards for what kind of hair is acceptable in the theatre. The bare minimum is that it shouldn’t block the view of whoever sits behind you, but there are a few other guidelines.


Finally, be courteous. The style isn’t just about look and entrance; it also covers your attitude and demeanour.